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EGA National Seminar Blue Ridge Rendezvous

Early Registration is open Nov 6-30 for all EGA members. Classes are filling in record time this year, so register early.


Class 210 Blue Ridge Harmony, Thu - Fri, Aug 17 and 18, 2017




310 Heron in Autumn, Fri and Sat, Aug 19 and 20, 2017



Registration is now open to everyone until January 17, 2017 for

Metropolitan Region EGA Seminar "Stitching Inspirations"

April 21-23, 2017 at Wyndham Hamilton Hotel, Florham Park, NJ

This region's seminar features a lovely venue with elegant buffet meals provided.


By the Rio Grande

Two day class featuring work with Lutradur, fabric collage, stitching on soluble fabric, and a heat tool.

You can create your own design with preliminary consultations. Now, where is that photo you've always wanted to stitch?



         The Embroiderers' Guild of America 20th National Exhibit

Nov 5 - Jan 7 at Neville Public Museum of Brown County, Green Bay, WI



Grand Tetons: Snow in Summer is one of three of my pieces in the exhibit which is called "Through the Needle's Eye." See the others on the Exhibits page. NC artists represented are Carol Currier, Karla Gee, Sue Osterberg, and Ana Sumner. There are over 70 embroidered works.


Three Unique EGA Group Correspondence Courses

For Your Chapter or as an Individual in EGA’s Quarterly Lightning Rounds

Mark & Paint on Canvas & Fabric

Embroidery with Mixed Media

Taming the Stash Monster


Taming the Stash Monster, an EGA Group Correspondence Course


Is the Stash Monster taking over your closet, room ... house?  Do you feel stalled with a box full of UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) and a stash of beautiful projects, threads, canvases, fabrics, beads, and more?  This course can help you get your stash under control.  First, define your preferences so that you can decide what YOU want to keep in your stash (and what you can remove).  Three ways of clearing your stash are given, depending on how much stash you need to remove.  Resources are provided for donating or selling eliminated items.  You’ll learn the requirements for archival storage, ways to prevent or solve stash problems such as insects, mildew, and fading. This course will help you make your stash work more effectively for you!  More information at



Other Group Correspondence Courses for the Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.

Use the Classes button at left to see detailed class descriptions.





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