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Class Portfolio 2:  Open Canvas Techniques on T-Shirts

You can find a larger picture and detailed description of each class by using the buttons below. 

Several more t-shirt designs are in process.

Hot Wheels:  Hardanger Techniques on a T-Shirt

One or Two Day Intermediate Embroidery Class


  What Goes Around Comes Around:  Hardanger Techniques on a T-Shirt

One-Day Intermediate Embroidery Class


Four Wheel Drive:  Hardanger Techniques on a T-Shirt

Two- Day Intermediate Embroidery Class


    Carolina Dogwood:  Casalguidi Embroidery Techniques on a T-Shirt

Designed Exclusively for Carolinas Region EGA's Fall 2009 Meeting

Carolinas Region EGA Website


Class Portfolio 1:  Landscapes, Color


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