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Color for Textile Arts 

(2 Day Class for All Ability Levels)


Learn techniques to help you choose colors for all your projects, solve color problems and combine colors in a way that pleases you.  See the secrets of color and its interaction with fibers in threads, yarns and fabrics.  We will dip into the color wheel lightly and create a fiber hue circle for you to keep and use when you shop for threads and fabrics.   We will talk about value, intensity and temperature contrasts and then focus on why you choose the colors you do, enhancing and extending your color range for your embroidery, needlepoint, beading, or quilting. 

For this Notebook-style class, teacher will provide Color Basics booklet, threads for a fiber hue circle, a color selector, folder, and shared materials for classroom use including the Class Stash of Threads and Fabrics, reference materials and paints.  There is no pre-stitching.  Classroom must be well-lit or students need to bring lights.


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