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One-Hour Slide Lecture:  The Seven Ways of Color Contrast

(A Walk in the Garden with Laura)

Understanding and utilizing color contrast is crucial to the success of embroidered designs.  Come for a walk through over 80 slides of luscious garden, greenway and forest scenes in both photos and embroidery.  We will use these examples to examine seven forms of color contrast for you to play with in your stitched art:

Value Contrast – the lights versus the darks.  Value contrast is by far the most important form of color contrast, so we spend the most time here.

Hue contrast – the color wheel is only briefly mentioned as we explore what colors look good together

Intensity contrast – learn why the “muddy” colors make great backgrounds

Temperature contrast – run “hot and cold” through scenes of the seasons to a better understanding of how to create the look of perspective

Successive contrast and Simultaneous contrast – see the wild tricks of the eye that we must watch out for when making color decisions

Contrast of extent – use this form of contrast to boost design power

This lecture is guaranteed to boost your understanding and enjoyment of color and improve your ability to make color choices.  An added bonus is that the visual stimulation will motivate you to stitch!

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