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Linda Freedland, NY Capital EGA, Mermaid

Linda photographed a mermaid statue in her garden and created a setting for her in a shadow box. Angelina fibers, a found stone, bubbled white Tyvek, seaweed, seashells, and pebbles. The course teaches archival ways to use found materials.

Maggie Oldendorf, Tyvek the Dragon

The dragon's body is Tyvek and he has wings made from Angelina film. Everything is stitched together.

Linda Freedland, Beach Scene

The palm tree is Tyvek that has been heated only lightly and fringed. The trunk is painted paper. Background waves are Tyvek. The sun is stitched.

Virginia Huerfeld, Love

Angelina heart, lace and ephemera make a lovely statement on a plain, brown background.

Virginia Huerfeld, Joker

Made of Tyvek with articulated limbe and a stitched hanger for hanging, he's a real prankster!

Bonnie Moore, Book

The front cover of Bonnie's book incorporates samples of all the media.

Bonnie Moore, Book, page 11-12

Woven strips of Tyvek in a bright composition

Anita Renault Ford, Angelina Works

Three ways of working with Angelina plus creativity.

Nancy Sprissler, Cross Stitch Pin with Gel

Nancy's intricate stitched design was gelled, cut out an made into a pin.


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