“Broadway Bound,” Aug 23-29 at the Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY. Adirondack Autumn (left) and From the Mountains to the Sea (right). See the videos of my classes below. Both are two day classes and both have enough students to fly! I am delighted! Registration is open until June 15, 2022. Use the button above the pictures to see all the details.

You are invited to join me at Winning Ways, a slide-lecture event hosted by the Judging Department of EGA the day before classes begin. My talk is called Dissolve, Sparkle, and Crunch: Creating Texture with Mixed Media. There are several lectures in this event.

Tennessee Valley Region Seminar 2022

Thu, June 23 – Mon, June 27 TVR 2022 SAS 42 Meadowview Resort and Convention Center, Kingsport, TN-Mix It Up with Mixed Media. (Class is Fri 1:30-4:30; Sat 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30; Sun 8:30-11:30). Registration is over, but it’s a small class, so email me if you are interested.

The Golden Road to Samarkand Book (night side) example for Mix It Up with Mixed Media (2 day)
The Golden Road to Samarkand Book (daylight side) example for Mix It Up with Mixed Media (2 day)

Blue Bonnet Studio 2023

February 18-21 at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square, Sugar Land, TX
Magnificent Oak (shown below) and Batik to Stitch (shown above)
Registration is open! For details, use the buttons below.

Magnificent Oak

Magnificent Oak Class Description

Capture the lively textural contrasts of a magnificent oak tree. You’ll learn to paint an Impressionistic background in your choice of colors and trace the shape of the tree. Sculpting stitches are used for the trunk and branches. A special stitch captures the shape of red oak leaves. Thread color choices are Autumn (shown), Spring, or Summer. This is a relaxing design to stitch because there is no counting. You’ll learn a  no-pressure background-painting technique, color mixing, color control for overdyed threads, sculpting stitches for tree trunk, layered stitches for leaves. Color concepts include perspective, value contrast, temperature contrast, and the use of color passages to unify the design.

Many thanks to John Sinton who reframed Magnificent Oak when the frame broke in shipment. He even made a special shipping crate to return my pieces from the exhibit at Blue Bonnet Studio 2022. He and Mary Alice host a great event each year and I’m looking forward to teaching. Hope to see you there!

National Academy of Needlearts Assembly 2023

You are invited to join me March 17 – 21, 2023 at the Somerset Inn, Troy, MI. My classes are Adirondack Autumn (2 day) and From the Mountains to the Sea (2 day). Scroll up to see photos and videos. This is a friendly group at a lovely venue with excellent service from a superb staff. Come early for extra training sessions in teaching and judging!

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If you are interested in a class for your group, please contact me using the email icon below on the right. Wishing you all the best for stitching and mixed media fun!

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